The Optilia Capillaroscopy system has been designed and developed with a practical size in mind; to make it flexible and light enabling the device to be used in nail-fold capillary examinations

 The Optilia Capillaroscopy system provides a very flexible, powerful solution compared to a standard microscopes. The system designed especially for the nail-fold capillaroscopy examination thus gives physician to comfortably and quickly examine patients. Video nail fold capillaroscopy is an efficient to examine and analyze micro circulation abnormities such as:


  • Systematic Sclerosis
  • Mixed and Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease
  • Systematic Lupus Erythematosus
  • Antiphospholipid Syndrome
  • Juvenile Connective Diseases
  • Psoriasis / Psoriatic Arthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Sjögren's Syndrome
  • Digital Ulcer
  • Dermatomyositis


Optilia Capillaroscopy system is equipped with 200x and 100x (optional) magnification high resolution lenses. These precision lenses reveal the capillaries for visual examination. The Optilia systems provides a convenient way of taking images by triggering a button on the device or by using a foot switch. Combining with easy to use yet powerful OptiPix Capillaroscopy software, the system provides functions for image recording, measurements and scoring of capillaries. Patients' data is encrypted in a secure data base and can only be accessed by authorized personnel

It is important to have the correct positioning when doing a nail fold capillary examinations. Mediscope can be attached to a focusing stand or can be used hand-held for quick examinations. When using hand-held, support pin helps to stabilize the device . Standard lens comes with contact fluid adapter attached. It is possible to do the examination without any contact to patient when it is necessary, with provided non-contact adapter.

Stand Contact Using capillaroscope, non-contact focusing stand (left), hand-held contact (right)

 A few drop of immersion oil is needed when performing capillary examinations. Insufficient oil will cause unclear images, and too much oil will cause reflections. The device should be tilted around 30-45 degrees to avoid reflections. If needed, LED light intensity can be adjusted.

The Optilia's capillaroscopy lens uses manual focus. The advantage of using a manual focus compared to an automatic is that it is quicker; the system doesn't need to wait for the system to refocus.The focus can be set once with the focusing kbob.  Focus can be tuned with tilting the device while using hand-held or with the focusing stand. The manual focus for the lens is also lockable which a convenient way to prevent accidentally changing focus


Optilia Mediscope is a mobile hand-held device, it possible to use it any part of the skin. The Mediscope was design to easily change between lenses 200x and 100x. It is also possible to attach Optilia's 20x-50x verifocal lenses as well. This means that the Mediscope could be used for other applications such as dermatology.

Optilia's Capillaroscopy system can be used with most PC which means that it is possible for the physician to integrate the device to the currently used system, and no need to use separate systems. Read more...

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lenses2Range of lenses with different magnifications, 20x up to 200x, compatible with the Medisocpe